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Fertility & Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology may help with many aspects of pregnancy and birth. From the difficulties of conceiving, through to assisting during labour. I have completed further training in 'Reflexology in Pregnancy & Childbirth' run by world expert Moshe Kruchik.

Pre Conception

Many couples experience problems that make it difficult to conceive. Some are known, others remain unsolved. Sometimes it can just be a small energy imbalance or blockage. Reflexology may rebalance all the systems in the body and by working specifically on the reflex points of the reproductive system conception may be aided.


Reflexology during pregnancy may be extremely beneficial to both mother and baby. Reflexology may help many common pregnancy related ailments.

Throughout the rest of your pregnancy significant hormonal, physiological and emotional changes occur. Reflexology aims to rebalance and maintain a natural equilibrium throughout this time.

Reflexology may also help your body get ready for the impending delivery of your baby. It may help to reduce the need for intervention during labour and may shorten labour quite dramatically.

Some people also enjoy reflexology during labour. It may help aid relaxation during early labour, which in turn can assist in the production of oxytocin, the hormone that triggers labour. It may also help with pain relief. Reflexology may help to make labour more productive, being able to speed up contractions if they are not progressing efficiently or slowing them down if necessary.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy and full midwife/doctor care must be followed throughout pregnancy and labour. It is advisable to let your health professional know you are receiving treatments and it is also imperative that you let me know of any complications or problems during your pregnancy.

Post Natal

Postnatal reflexology sessions may be beneficial to both mother and baby. For the mother it can assist the body to heal quicker and rebalance the hormones. It may help problems with breastfeeding. It may help with sleep problems, postnatal depression and may improve energy levels. For your baby, a very gentle form of reflexology may help with sleep, digestion and many other problems. These gentle moves can also be taught to you so you can continue treating your baby at home.

Suzanne Hazelden - Reflexologist located in North Devon - Barnstaple, South Molton, Bideford, Braunton, Chulmleigh, Crediton, Eggesford, Lapford, Chittlehampton.

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